What Are Fat Burners?

The two best ways to lose weight will always be good eating habits and exercise. But besides these, there are some supplements that can help increase your metabolic rate (that is, the rate at which you burn calories, and therefore burn fat / excess weight).

Ingredients such as Caffeine, Cayenne Powder Extract and Green Tea Extract have been shown to increase the base metabolic rate. In this way, they can help you lose weight faster, and are therefore a great addition to any weight loss or weight management programme. For example, the Herbalife Tea contains both Caffeine and Green Tea Extract and is often recommended as a part of our monthly programmes.

If you are thinking about using fat burners, keep in mind that they are a good addition to a healthy diet, and not something that can replace good daily eating habits. Think of them as a kind of extra advantage; you are already doing all the basics right, and the fat burner is just something that will give you the extra boost to speed up the weight loss process and get you over the finish line a little quicker.

A great thing about fat burners is that they provide a great boost during the day, something that is very convenient if you are on a diet and are feeling a bit sluggish. The Caffeine and Green Tea Extracts help with alertness, attention and generally increase your energy levels.

Take care not to exceed the suggested dosage though, as you may have trouble sleeping or focusing, just like if you had too many cups of coffee.

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