Earn Points with HLFonline and Unlock Amazing Discounts

Earn 5% cash discount on every £1 you spend.

Good nutrition should not break the bank, and great relationships are rewarded. When you register an account on HLFonline, you will earn VIP Points with every purchase.


For every £1 spent, you earn 1 VIP Point.


For every 20 VIP Points, you get a £1 discount on your order.


That equals to 5% cash discount on every £1 you spend.


Click here to register or login and start collecting points and earning discounts.


You can cash the points on the checkout page, like in the image below.




If you order 2x Formula 1 Shakes for £47.95, you will receive 47.95 VIP Points. You can use these points on your next order to get £2.39 off. You can also save the points and wait for more substantial savings.


The greater you order, the greater the savings on your next purchase. For example, if you order the Weight Loss Complete package for £134.95, you will receive 134.95 VIP Points and savings of £6.74 on your next order.

VIP Tiers

Extra points are enabled to reward our most loyal clients. You will be awarded additional VIP Points as you reach a certain threshold.


If you have any questions regarding our VIP Programme, just reach out to us any time at support@hlfonline.co.uk.


Otherwise, click here to register or login.