Learn How to Lose a Pound a Week

Losing pounds or maintaining an ideal weight without hard and stressful diets that take up time, money and most of all nerves is a dream of all of us who at one time or another wanted to lose weight. We have all heard millions of diets, tips and tricks to lose weight. Every magazine cover has some „amazing super diet secret that is finally revealed by scientists in XY land that will help you lose XY pounds in an afternoon“. Yes! Let me try that!The bottom line is – losing weight is really not complex. We just have to make a few different choices during the day, choices that in the end are not that difficult, and will not have any negative impact on our quality of life.Just as an example – if you cut you daily calorie intake by 500 calories, you will lose a pound in a week. The less calories you eat, the more pounds you’ll lose, and if you combine this type of weight loss with moderate exercises (for instance, with a daily 30 minute walk) you will see great results.Furthermore, research has shown that eating a healthy snack between meals have a positive effect on our organism. Simply put, when you snack, you give your metabolism a boost. Snacks are not necessarily a bad habit. We suggest some low calorie snacks, that will keep you full, energized and still true to your diet. Check out some of Herbalife’s low calorie snack options here.In conclusion, choosing a healthier meal will lower your calorie intake by up to 60%, which would result in weight loss in the long run, but would also improve your health and life in general.