How Will Sweets Affect my Weight Loss?

Sugars are one of the biggest contributors to weight gain, and as such, you should avoid them as much as possible. If you are on a diet and are trying to lose weight, sweets are the first thing that you should cut from your day.

Look at it this way. A 100g of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate contains 56.5 of sugar. Yes, more than half of the weight is just sugar. And that high sugar content leads to a very high calorie content – 534 calories in 100g of chocolate.

But what does this mean in practical terms?

It means that you would have to jog for one hour to burn off the calories that you took in by having 100g of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate. Now, can easily eat 100g of chocolate in a couple of minutes (or at least, I can, and I know I am not alone there).  Heavens forbid you eat more than that in a day (something not difficult to do) – how many sessions of running is that?

The bottom line is, it is very easy to take in a lot of sugar, and with it, an immense amount of empty calories that are impossible to burn off through a regular lifestyle. This leads to the accumulation of fat and excess weight. Eat sweets a bit too often when you are on a diet, and all the good work that you are doing the majority of the time flies out of the window.

If you are on a weight loss programme or just want to cut out unhealthy sugars from your daily diet, look for alternatives. Herbalife makes great protein bars that are sweet but contain much fewer calories than regular chocolates. You can try cacao nibs; they taste great but only have a fraction of the calories of regular chocolates.

If you are trying to lose weight, the most important thing to avoid are snacks based on sugar, as they will wreck your weight loss progress faster than any other foods.