How Much Does Herbalife Cost?

All Herbalife products are made to cost as much as (or less than) a regular diet.

When thinking about the cost of the programs, keep in mind that Herbalife products are taken instead of your regular meals, so that they are not an additional cost to your lifestyle, but rather an alternative way of eating and buying your meals in advance. That is why all our packages are labeled with a cost per day.

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Below are some of our most popular products:

Let’s take our most sold product, the Formula 1 shake as an example.Each tub lasts at least 21 meals, depending on how you make it. If you divide up the price of the package with the amount of meals you are getting, you will see that it is probably much less than what you are spending now.

Formula 1 Shake

The Herbalife Formula 1 Shake Healthy Meal

One more thing to consider when thinking about the cost of Herbalife products is the personal value that we get from them. How much is our health and well being worth to us? How much would be willing to give to look the way we want to look, to wear the clothes we want to wear, to feel good about ourselves? These are things that we cannot put a price tag on, and if someone were to ask us, we would probably say “I WILL PAY ANYTHING!!” We tend to make excuses that we cannot afford to live healthier, but the truth is, healthier living is never that expensive, no matter if you choose to go with Herbalife or any other healthy living plan.

Herbalife Nutrition

We make conscious and unconscious decisions every day regarding the way we live. Healthy living is not as expensive as many of us consider it to be, all that is needed are some slightly different habits. These habits, once we acquire them, are there with us forever. Many of us eat large amounts of take away or fast food, and not even because it is more convenient – but simply because we are too lazy (or don’t have the habit) to make something healthy for ourselves. By the time that Pizza or curry you ordered arrives at your house, you could already have made a healthy salad and gone for a walk around your neighbourhood.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Herbalife products, and the great successes of its clients is because the meals are simple to make and always at hand. The shake can be ready in less than a minute, and because it contains meals in advance, it is of great help when it comes to weight loss. Because we always have a healthy, low calorie meal within reach, we never have to resort to fast food or other quick-fix unhealthy meals. Herbalife meals are also made to contain all the crucial vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs during the day to function at its best, so that you will not only achieve the figure of your dreams, but will feel great doing it.

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