Herbalife 21 Day Challenge

Our two Olympians, Samantha Clayton and Nile Wilson, have designed a 21 Day Challenge to help you wake up and shape up this month so you can go towards the new year feeling positive, healthy and confident.

The Herbalife 21 Day Challenge combines fitness and nutrition to get you feeling and looking great. The exercise programmes are simple to follow and require no equipment so that you can do them from home and in your own time. The nutrition packages provide you with tasty, healthy diet meals that will keep your energy levels high and help you shed unwanted pounds.

21 Day Challenge Packages


The Exercise Programmes


with Sam Clayton

Fit to Fitter

with Nile Wilson

How it Works

The Herbalife 21 Day Challenge lasts for 21 days and combines regular exercise with healthy daily nutrition. When you order one of the above packages, you will gain access to our workout library that will take you through the Challenge day by day.


Eating healthy is a key part of any fitness programme.  We have created three packages that will go perfectly with the 21 Day Challenge – the Ideal Breakfast, the Healthy Weight Loss and the Sport & Fitness. Choose one that fits your goal best.

All 21 Day Challenge programmes contain one or two healthy diet meals per day, and will last you for at least the duration of the Challenge.


There are two different exercise programmes that you can choose each day.

If you are just starting out with fitness and don’t feel that you are in great shape, choose the Beginner workout with Samantha Clayton. If you are looking for more of a challenge, then go for the Fit to Fitter programme created by Olympic Bronze Medal gymnast and Herbalife Nutrition Ambassador Nile Wilson.

If you are not sure which programme is best for you, please reach out to us through the on-site chat or email us at support@hlfonline.co.uk.

How to Start the 21 Day Challenge

To start, purchase one of the 21 Day Challenge packages. One of our coaches will contact you to see what your needs and expectations are, and point you towards the workout library. You will also get detailed instructions on how to use all the products in the package that ordered.

Your coach will be available for any questions and advice you may need for the duration of the challenge, so feel free to reach out.

Do you have any questions? Need more information on the workouts or the packages? Message us through the site chat or email us at support@hlfonline.co.uk.