Over the 35 years that Herbalife has been around, many people have noticed a strong link between Herbalife products and quick weight loss, as well as wallet-breaking effects of having to buy a new wardrobe because all the old clothes are now to big.

Jokes aside, Herbalife is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a healthy, low calorie alternative to fatty and calorie rich foods that have sadly become part of our daily diets. Herbalife is safe, natural and healthy, and you can be sure that with each Herbalife meal you are getting all the nutrients your body needs to function at its best, while only taking in a fraction of the calories. There are no side effects from Herbalife’s products, simply because Herbalife is food – not medicine.

Let’s go through Herbalife’s most famous product, the Formula 1 shake, and see what is in there. Is Herbalife good for you?

One Herbalife shake contains:
– 25% of your daily Vitamin A allowance
– 25% of your daily Vitamin C allowance
– 8% of your daily Calcium allowance
– 15% of your daily Iron allowance
– 25% of your daily Vitamin D allowance
– 25% of your daily Tihamin allowance
– 20% of your daily Vitamin B12 allowance
– 20% of your daily folic acid allowance
And so on…. Here is a nifty picture of the Formula 1 label.

As you can see, every Herbalife meal is made to the highest health and quality standards and made with ingredients that are great for your health. So what are the real Herbalife side effects? Feeling better and losing fat. All Herbalife ingredients are tested, quality controlled and re-tested, so that only the best quality low calorie meals find their way into your shaker or blender 🙂