Herbalife Critiques

The vast, vast majority of people who have had experience with Herbalife products, and who have used them for some time, have had great results and were very happy that they tried them. However, sometimes, the results we were expecting were not the results that we anticipated, and so we can find some negative reviews on the internet regarding the products and programmes. But what could be the reason for these negative experiences?

I am Herbalife

First, let’s face it – someone who is unhappy about a product they paid their hard-earned money for is much more likely to let his feelings known than someone who was satisfied. But nevertheless, these are still people that for some reason or the other feel that they did not get what they paid for. Perhaps they felt that they were hungrier than they expected to be during the program. Perhaps they didn’t lose the weight they expected to lose, or they didn’t lose it as quickly as they expected to. Perhaps they just didn’t like the taste of the products. These are all valid concerns, and someone who paid has the complete right to expect the maximum from the products that they ordered.

But what is the reason for these disappointments?

The main thing we have to accept is the fact that losing weight is not easy. For some of us, it can be harder than for others, but for all of us it must involve sacrifice. If you are used to having healthy breakfasts with sausage, fried eggs, bacon and bread – it will probably be difficult for a few days after you switch to the much lighter Herbalife shake. If you are used to skipping breakfast and having your first meal at noon, it will probably be a little annoying to have breakfast first thing in the morning. But you have to keep the end goal in mind – you wanted to change something about yourself, and that is why you began this program. The beginning might be a bit more difficult than you expected, but it is the end result that counts. Save your judgement for at least 1-2 weeks. Follow the program, suffer a bit if you have to, and see the difference in 2 weeks.

Don’t be disappointed if you “cheat” during your program! Understand that you are a human being, and that whatever weight loss program you choose, you will at some time or other have a meal that is “not recommended”. This is normal, natural, and nothing to be worried about. Just remember that tomorrow is another day, and another chance to get back on your weight loss track. So, when you go to a wedding, a birthday or a party, just relax. One bad meal or evening will not damage you much if you stick to the program for the other 6 days of the week. The most important thing is to stick to a program for the long run – as they say, losing weight is not a sprint, but a marathon. Find something you are happy with, and stick to it.

Set yourself a certain period of time, and promise yourself that you will stick to your program as much as you can. At the end of the day, the point is not Herbalife – but you being happy and achieving the results you want. If you want to see some testimonials from our clients, take a look at our reviews page.