Day 5 – Core

Welcome to day 5 of the Herbalife Nutrition 21 Day Challenge with Samantha Clayton.

Well done for making it to day five of the 21 Day Challenge with Samantha Clayton. Today is truly Sam’s favourite, the core. We have a great core workout for you.

When working your muscles, you need to take in protein to assist your muscle recovery. Why not try Herbalife Nutrition’s H24 Rebuild Strength; a high-protein recovery shake to give your muscles a revive. Check out the Herbalife Product bundles here.

Working on your core strength is essential for great posture. When we say core, we are talking about your abdominal muscles, and the just as important back muscles. It’s important to work both your abs and your back, to stay balanced and to keep your core nice and strong.

We’re going to start with a quick warm up to prepare our bodies for exercise, and then get stuck into our intense 5-minute core routine. If you feel you can, then go ahead and repeat the core routine for that extra push!

Great work today! You’re on your way to being healthier and fitter. Keep it up! Make sure you come back tomorrow for the next day in your 21 Day Challenge – Flex day!

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