Day 9 – Handstand

Welcome to day 9 of the Herbalife Nutrition 21 Day Challenge with Nile Wilson.

Our amazing ambassador and Bronze Olympic medallist gymnast is going to guide you through this wonderful journey, to help you to reach your health and body goals. Today we revisit the Handstand workout – a fun exercise to build up and maintain a balanced and strong core! If you need guidance with your warm-up, jump to Day 1 and follow the warm-up there. Make sure you keep hydrated and exercise to your ability level. You can do this!

Plan your nutrition! This means organising a meal plan for yourself and making sure you have all you need to keep your body properly fuelled for the week ahead. Now you’ve done one week you know what to expect can get a jump-start on this next one.

Nile will show you step-by-step the exercises for your core as well as the muscles you need to activate for an ultimate freestanding Handstand. He will introduce you to the simple, yet important, element of warming up your wrists, and how to optimise the planking position to help you reach a full freestanding Handstand.

Remember to exercise at your own pace and raise the level of difficulty step-by-step when you repeat the exercises. Make sure you hydrate before, during and after working. It’s also very important to maintain a balanced nutritious diet. But most importantly, make sure you have fun!

Come back tomorrow for Day number 10 of the 21 Day Challenge and another great session with Nile Wilson. 

Good luck on your journey! Happy workout!

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