Day 21 – Habits

This is it! Day 21! Congratulations on making it through the program, you’ve done it!

Hopefully you’re very proud of yourselves for completing the challenge, we know we are very proud of you. More so we hope that you are able to learn from this challenge, to transform your habits and create better habits for yourself, over these last 21 days.

Now you can start to take this further in your daily routine to create a more healthy active lifestyle for yourselves. This program is structured as a good base, with the training, mindset, reflection and recovery which are all very important; as well as the products and how you incorporate them into your routine. 

Hopefully you’ve loved every single second of the program. This was all made for you, to help make yourself healthier and happier, but also to make you think as well. Nile challenges you to make a list of what you’ve learned, what you want to incorporate into your day to day routine from this 21 Day Challenge.

Thanks again for taking on the challenge! You have done amazingly and we hope you feel amazing from finishing these 21 days. Please share this with other people so that they can help create better habits for themselves, and in turn become healthier and happier.

Great work everyone, you smashed it! Train smart, and keep these good habits a regular thing.

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