Day 16 – Handstand

Welcome to day 16 of the Herbalife Nutrition 21 Day Challenge with Nile Wilson.

Our amazing ambassador and Bronze Olympic medallist gymnast is going to guide you through this wonderful journey, to help you to reach your health and body goals. Today is our third and final Handstand workout – a fun exercise to build up and maintain a balanced and strong core!

Preparing well with your nutrition, warming up and stretching will assist your body’s performance during and post workout. We recommend, as before any workout, you warm up and stretch before you start. If you need guidance with your warm-up, jump back to Day 1 and follow the warm-up there. Make sure you keep hydrated and exercise to your ability level.

Remember to exercise at your own pace and raise the level of difficulty step-by-step when you repeat the exercises. Make sure you hydrate before, during and after. It’s also very important to maintain a balanced nutritious diet. But most importantly, make sure you have fun!

At the end of the video Nile will show you the products he uses during his training regime. 

Great work today everyone! Make sure you cool down and stretch, it will help your muscles to recover. See you tomorrow for Day 17 of the 21 Day Challenge with Nile Wilson.

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