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Demystifying Fats: Why Healthy Fats Should be Part of your Diet

From talk shows to newspaper articles to social media, the advice on when to add, or subtract, fat from our plate is continually changing. These mixed messages, combined with the latest trendy diets, can be confusing. Our bodies need fat to stay healthy.  But the types of fats we should include in our diet, and their […]

5 Healthy Ways to Manage Stress

You probably know someone who’s undergoing a stressful situation. Perhaps you’re dealing with one right now and are looking for ways to cope and manage. Stress affects everyone; it’s actually a natural response for how our brains and bodies react to demands or stressors. But learning to manage stress is important to our overall wellbeing. […]

What Should I Worry About? The Number of Calories or the Type of Calories?

Imagine you and a friend are trying to lose weight, and are given a daily allowance of calories, say 1,800 per day. You choose to eat vegetables, whole grains, lean meats etc. in that amount. Your friend instead chooses to eat burgers, colas, cookies and so on. Who do you think would fare better after […]