A Weight Loss Journey – Part 3

A Second Desire to Lose Weight

The beginning of 2009 brought me to a new “life evaluation situation” – my son asking me: “Mommy, why are you so fat? Why does everyone always look at you strangely at the parent-teacher meetings, and my friends all make fun of me when you show up?”

I was not ready for this question. For days it haunted me, and it was all I could think of. I realised that my weight is not only my problem, but that it was starting to affect my child’s life as well. Again I got the urge to do something for myself and finally leave the soap operas alone. I started researching on the internet about some good ways to lose weight. Of course, there were the usual miracle cures, the honeys, the weight loss coffees, the endless pills…And the results were as expected – very poor. Even worse than poor actually – some of the pills gave me haemorrhoids, which at my weight, were very uncomfortable to say the very least.

Healthy Living 3

After lots of searches, contacts with various experts (I was even considering liposuction, but I didn’t have the courage), I realised that the only way to go was a rigorous diet, and a long one at that (since I was really overweight). I joined some forums and started reading the diets on the various sites, and at the same time following the journals of “losers” and their experiences, trying to find what was best for me.

In the meantime, I started moving myself. I did some blood tests, checked my hormones (everything was ok), and visited a nutritionist to see what she would have to tell me. I was more than surprised. She told me that I was extremely overweight, weighing 107kg, and I had to go on a diet immediately! She handed me some papers with a diet that would make a person half my size fall dead from hunger by noon! It was back to the internet, the forums and other sources, jumping from one idea to the next and looking for inspiration. I didn’t dare write anything yet – I was just reading, reading and reading. Several times, i contacted the people running a particular site asking for more information. Beginning of 2010, I was ready to start my adventure with a diet I picked out. I had loads of motivation, lots of support from my online pals, and spring was coming – and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with it. I even noticed after a few days that I was starting to lose weight, and that increased my motivation even more. But then one day, and just 2 weeks after I started my diet, everything went wrong…

To be continued….