5 Quick Tips to Reduce Your Daily Sugar Intake

1. Stop adding sugar to drinks and food. For example, try drinking coffee without sugar. As bitter as it may seem at first, after the first few cups you will probably never again have the need to add sugar to it. The same goes for tea. If you really feel that you can’t handle straight tea or coffee, sweeten them with stevia or xylitol.

The same goes for food. Don’t add unnecessary sugars to fruits – for example, whipped cream etc.

2. Stay away from soft drinks and store-bought juices! Much research suggests that soft drinks and juices are the primary source of excess sugar in modern diets, and also one of the chief causes of obesity. There is more than 100g of sugar per litre of Coca-Cola – an incredible 21 teaspoons. Just picture how easy it is to drink a litre of Coke, and then imagine 21 tablespoons of sugar.

The situation is the same with store bought fruit juices. If you want fruit juices, make them yourself.

3. Watch your breakfast. A lot of breakfast cereals are packed with sugar (which is why they taste so great). Go for whole grains, eggs, oats and similar meals. You can also try the Formula 1 Shake, which is a nutritionally balanced and low-calorie meal.

4. Try to avoid sugary snacks. Cakes, pastries and similar quick bites are packed with sugar, and they can wreck your diet if you start binging on them. If you are hungry, have some fruit, a carrot, a small salad.

5. Read the labels on everything, especially when you see big “Low Fat” exclamations. Very often, food that is low on fat is actually packed with sugar, making it an even worse choice than the regular full-fat version.