The core of every Herbalife weight loss programme is the Formula 1 shake. This low calorie diet meal is packed with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to function at its best while burning fat. The included Protein Drink Mix increases the protein content of every shake, keeping you feeling full while further speeding up the fat burning power of every shake.

Weight Loss Basic

The basic programme with 3 diet meals per day for about 30 days. Contains the most important products to help you lose weight. A great package to start with.

Weight Loss Complete

A more advanced weight loss package. Contains additional supplements and a fat burning tea to speed up weight loss. Contains 2 weight loss meals per day for around 30 days.

Weight Loss Ultimate

Our best weight loss programme. 2 diet meals per day for 30 days, a fat burning tea, supplements to help speed up your metabolism and help you get the best from your daily nutrition.