Weight Loss Ultimate

Our best and most complete package for weight loss, with all our key products.


The best weight loss package we have to offer, with complete low-calorie nutrition for an entire month as well as various supplements that will make those extra pounds fly away. Everything that you need for fast and easy weight loss is included - diet meals, additional proteins and healthy supplements that will improve every aspect of your health and make weight loss easier than you ever thought possible.

Herbalife Weight Loss Ultimate

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Formula 1 Shake

Healthy, balanced meals that contain only 200 calories and are the main component of your weight loss programme. This montly programme includes 2 packs, which is enough for about a month of 2 meals per day. Choose from 8 great flavours!

Formula 3 Protein

A high-protein addition to your diet, best used when mixed with the shake. It makes the shake thicker, tastier and keeps you full for longer. Made from a blend of soy and whey protein, use it to maintain a healthy muscle mass that will help you burn fat faster and give you a lean look.

Fiber and Herb Tablets

Fiber keeps you feeling full, and quickens the passage of food through your digestive system. Use these tablets to get to the 25g of recommended daily fiber intake and get the most out of your weight loss programme.

Formula 2 Multivitamin

The healthier you are, the better your body will function and the faster you will burn calories and fat. The unique formula provides you with all the key nutrients and vitamins that you might not be getting from your daily diet.

Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage

A low-calorie tea that boosts your metabolism, concentration and energy. With only 6 calories per serving, it is a great alternative to drinking sugary drinks or juices.

Cell Activator

A natural energy and metabolism boosting formula, that help you burn fat quicker, absorb more nutrients from your food, and protects your cells.

Thermo Complete

A blend of caffeine and green tea, the Thermo Complete improve the rate at which you burn calories and boost your concentration and attention.


For best results with weight loss, replace 2 meals a day with the Formula 1 shake and Formula 3 Protein. Simply add 2-3 tablespoons of Formula 1 and 1-2 tablespoons of Formula 3 to 250ml of skim milk, water, soy milk... You can also add some fruits, such as half a banana or raspberries. To get the best tasting shake, make it with in a blender.

Take 2 Fiber and Herb tablets before every meal, so 6 per day.

Take 1 Multivitamin tablet before every meal, so 3 per day.

Mix 1.5 teaspoons of Thermojetics Instant Herbal beverage with 1.5l of water and drink throughout the day. You can also make it weaker or stronger, according to taste. The Tea contains caffeine though, so don't take it too late in the evening if you are sensitive.

Take 1 Cell Activator capsule before each main meal, so 3 per day.

Take 1-2 tablets of Thermo Complete each day, for best results in the morning or early afternoon.